Student firefighters attend East Kentucky University

Whether it is rushing to the scene of an accident to save a man’s life, a garage fire in order to protect more people, or even going to the scene of an accident where one of the victims is a friend, these students are doing what they love. Firefighting.

Mardi Gras Based on Catholic Religion

    By Adam Blakemore Since the establishment of the Catholic Church, Lent, the five weeks before Easter, is one of the most religious and revered parts of the year. Ash Wednesday,...

Extra SOL Taken For Upcoming Years

Juniors took a second SOL test in Mar. This test was taken on computers for practice for the upcoming school years. By Chandler Shirer Junior English students were required to take...

Culinary class offers different perspective

Colonial Heights program prepares students for career in restaurant By: Jessica Marshall Channel 12 is home to many favorite shows: The Office, Jay Leno, Dr. Phil, and Today. But every...

Art teacher Christy Eliades returns

Eliades teaches Art I and II students as well as a crafts class.