International baccalaureate creates vast barriers

By Kim Carneal They walked into the same school but anticipated completely different peers in the class , which sent mixed emotions to the former International Baccalaureate (IB) students....

Paranormal activity sparks poltergeist passion

Senior Scott Banks began an investigation at Bacon’s Castle unaware that he would be experiencing something unusual. As he left, he let the flash of the camera light up the space around him. After he snapped a few pictures, he realized that he had caught something amazing. He had caught photographic proof of a face appearing in the window.

New choir teacher impressed by talent

By Rachel Karns-Gall Toni Luckett whistles a tune to herself, unaware that anyone is listening. She sits in her office, cheery and blissful. She had previously taught at Elkton Middle School,...

New EMT teacher comes from MCV

By: Mandy Lockhart Winnie Dunn is Prince George High School's new EMT teacher.  She was born in Norfolk, Virginia on December 17, 1972.  She lives in Glen Allen, Virginia. Dunn has been teaching...

Art teacher Christy Eliades returns

Eliades teaches Art I and II students as well as a crafts class.