Podcast: Behind The Story (Episode 3)

This month our staffers developed story ideas for the print edition and then reported on several stories that developed out of the blue. In addition to stories...

Black History Month Gives Sense Of Pride To Teachers, Students

Even with the US’s checkered record of covering black history in its school systems, there have always been those who wished to break down barriers and educate...

Anna Payne Recognized Through Kindness Award

By Emily Hannuksela Random Acts of Kindness Week is celebrated Feb. 14-20, 2021, and is commemorated by showing more compassion through random acts. 

African Americans’ Influence on Rock N Roll

Defined by its electric instruments, loud sound, and most importantly its infectious rhythm, rock and roll was born. In the early 50s, this genre was...

Indoor Track Makes Most Of Wednesday Meets

As the sounds of motivational mantras and running footsteps fill the track, the track team continues to attend meets and practices this winter season.