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PG Players Present A Christmas Carol

As the curtains open and lights shine onto one of London’s streets where the performing actors give audiences a brilliant show, director Daryl Phillips watches as another one of the PG Players’ shows comes to life. The Christmas Carol will…


All Choir Shoot For All District Spot

Hearts thump in their chests and palms sweat from anxious nerves as choir students walk into the audition that could help shape their singing careers. “I felt about the same amount of nerves [during the audition],” France said. ”It’s still…


Student Ambassadors Welcome New Students

As new students walk through the doors of their new high school, they are greeted by the warm and smiling faces of the Student Ambassadors. The Student Ambassadors main objective is to welcome new students to the district. It is mainly…


Students Anticipate Homecoming Dance

On Saturday night, Oct. 14th, the disco ball will be lowered and will reflect off of the beautiful dresses and suits that will be worn. Music will be playing and more than 400 students will be dancing the night away….