Prince George High School and N.B. Clements Jr. High School JROTC Color Guard

Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the United States for remembering and honoring the military personnel who perished while serving in the United States Armed Forces. The holiday is observed on the last Monday of May. This year Memorial Day took place on the 27th. Throughout the weekend there were many opportunities to help out in the community, and show pride and respect for our country. Most cemeteries in the area hosted a flag ceremony, in which the participants would place flags next to the graves of those who served in the armed forces, and gave their life.

To celebrate Memorial Day there was a ceremony at the Prince George Courthouse. The ceremony was attended by the Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, and many retired military members. The Prince George High School and Clements Jr. High JTOTC members led the flag ceremony, followed by the Scouts saying the Pledge of Allegiance. Also attending the ceremony was the JEJ Moore Middle School Band, who played the national anthem.

Memorial Day means many different things to different people. No matter what Memorial Day means to you, it is a day of national pride, and brings everyone together.

Sophomore Reece Weber started out the school year as part of the JROTC group, but found it wasn’t for him, and decided going into the military was no longer part of his dream. However, Weber still holds respect for those who serve and give their lives.

“Memorial Day is specifically a day for me to remember the fallen, and how much they mean to me. It’s pretty important to me that people served our country, some came out torn, and some didn’t come back at all, just so I could be free in this country,” Weber said.