This I believe…words can hurt.  Words are a way to express emotion.  Sometimes good, other times bad.  Words stick to people like glue.  They can be reinforcing or hurtful.  Don’t judge a book by its cover.  Get to know someone before making up false accusations about him or her just by seeing the way they look or dress.  Use your power of words to heal; not hurt.


In sixth grade, something bad was said about me.  I chose to not let it get to me.  However, another person let the hurtful words get under her skin.  The little words and sayings kept adding up and the person refused to come to school.  Little words go a long way.  They put a hold on someone’s education.  Children do not realize the impact words can have on someone’s self-esteem.


Teenagers are the worst when it comes to bullying.  They mainly do this with their words.  People don’t realize how crushing and powerful their words are.  Teenagers take these words to heart.  They react based on other people’s beliefs.


Words can be used as nice gestures or hurtful statements.  Next time you want to say something, think before you speak.  You could save someone’s self-esteem.  Always remember, words are powerful in today’s society.