Carpe Diem

I believe that everyone should seize everyday with a passion, and a vigor for life. I believe that they should grab the day, each and everyday and live life to the fullest. Grasp the bull by the horns and take on every opportunity that introduces itself to you. Life is short and so you should treat each day like your last and be sure to make a memory every day that will last a lifetime.

In my English class this year, we were asked to do an assignment. That assignment being a personal anthology of items that we relate to our lives with responses of how they affect us personally. My overall theme for the project was “The World Is My Canvas”, which means that the world is at your fingertips, at your disposal to do with what you want. A world full of art and history and places so amazing to travel to. A world full of life, life being made up of experiences, and those experiences being the paint that is thrust upon the big canvas of the world. Each person making their own mark on the world by simply living each day to it’s max and enjoying what life gives you.

I try to live each day with zest for life and always try to be optimistic rather than pessimistic and look at the glass always half full rather than half empty. I try to instill this motif in others and urge the world to be happy and savor what God has given everyone, life. Carpe Diem, seize the day, live life to the fullest, ride life to the max, sail around the world, whatever your dream, your passion, fulfill it, and fulfill life by making it your own and only your own. A life that is full of experiences to pour upon your canvas of live. This I Believe.