This, I believe, dream as if you will live forever and live as if you would die tomorrow.

I remember when my Papa passed away thinking about the amazing life that he lived. My Papa did all of things he wanted to do in life, and it seemed there was never a dull moment. When he passed, I made him three promises, one of which was making sure I live my life much like he lived his. My Papa never stopped living, and he never stopped living. I plan on doing the exact same. I was fifteen years old when I made that promise, and have kept it ever since. I am now seventeen.

Tomorrow is never promised, so live every moment to the fullest. Accept yourself for who you are, show the people you care about how much you appreciate them, and most importantly, never stop dreaming. Dreams don’t come true? Well you’ll never know unless you try, and if you’re not trying then you’re not living life to the fullest. Always strive to be your very best, and if you do not succeed… At least you will have the satisfaction with knowing you tried. Again, I’m not saying to do illegal or dangerous things, but go do those things up to your own potential.

You’ve always wanted to go skydiving? Well, what’s stopping you? And how about those small things, like approaching that cutie you’ve been admiring after sixth block. Go for it. Go live. I’ve made my commitment to this philosophy, and I’ve never been happier. (I thank my Papa for influencing me.) Just like Drake said. “Because everybody dies, but not everybody lives.”

This I believe.