These photos of the boys basketball game against Hopewell on Friday night, Feb. 11th, were taken by sports editor Wayne Epps, Jr.

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  1. I really like these pictures. I like how Wayne got right on the side lines so the pictures were clear shots and the lighting was well. I also like how there are pictures of the crowd to show emotion and the guys on the bench and before the game warming up too.

  2. I love these pictures. The pictures make you feel as if you are experiencing it yourself. I like the way Wayne incorporated the crowd into his pictures. It shows our student body does come out to support their athletics. Proud to be a royal win or lose.

  3. These are really awesome pictures! The photographer did a great job of capturing each moment of the game. They are good action shots and really look like the boys are getting into the game. Good Job!

  4. The boys are really intense when They play And the photographer captured this very well. They work hard and it is good to see it shown in pictures. The team And photographer should be proud.

  5. These pictures make you feel as though you were right in the action. This was an intense game and that feeling was very much so captured by these pictures.

  6. Kudos to Wayne! The action in these photos was captured well. I like how he showed how much school spirit our crowd had.It takes time to paint your body.

  7. Wow, Wayne did a really good job with these pictures. Not only do they do a good job of capturing the action and emotion of the game, he also got a variety of angles and subjects.

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