By Maggie Smith and Kimberly Edmonds-Best

This a soundslide presentation on the Fall 2010 Blood Drive at PGHS. Several volunteers chime in on the impact it has in their personal lives.


  1. I think this is amazing that so many young people care about the welfare of their fellow man. I see the blood drive as a success, kudos to all participants, you have the opportunity to save someones life.

  2. I am scared to give blood because every time my mom does it, she feels like she is going to fall out haha. Looking at this, I think i might consider giving blood next time there is a local drive, as long as they offer a cookie after I go through with it like they often do.

  3. The blood drive was an amazing thing to participate in and it meant a lot to me. My grampa has to have blood transfusions about once a month now, so I thought of him the whole time

  4. It seemed like there were a large number of students who gave blood, which is very encourging to see since so many people desperatly depend on this donated blood. The slideshow itself was very infomative and well done.

  5. I really enjoyed this soundslide. I was thoroughly informed and learned something that I never knew before. The Blood Drive seemed like a success and I know it will continue to be one in the future.

  6. I think it’s neat that Prince George has a blood drive. I wish I could have participated this year but I procrastinate too much and forget the dates and stuff. This slide show was really good. I hope I’m able to give blood next year. I’m kind of afraid, but it helps to know that once it’s over you’ve saved 3 lives.

  7. The blood drive was/is an amazing thing to participate in. I think it is great that so many people care about the welfare others to take a little time to donate blood and save other people.

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