The Advanced Choir, directed by Toni Luckett, warms up to sing Mozart’s “Ave Verum Corpus.” The choir will be performing this piece during the winter school assembly in addition to several more arrangements.

The Advanced Choir consists of select students who auditioned either with previous high school director Monique Woodard or current junior high director Janet Jarrrett. To read more about the new choir director go here.

Sound recorded by Rachel Williams and Michael Winn


Posted 10/27


  1. This is really cool! I love how we can hear them singing. It’s also cool that there is a clip that has them practicing with Mrs. Luckett telling them how to sing the chord correctly and instructing them, as well as the final sound where they know what they are singing and it sounds all harmonious. It lets us sort of realize how difficult it can be to learn the songs.

  2. I really like how the clip offers more than just the choir singing a song- it demonstrates the work that goes into performing. I also really appreciate how it gives an update of how the choir is doing now with a new teacher. It’s one thing to read that they are doing good, but it’s a lot more convincing to actually hear it through the way they sound and the way she rehearses with them.

  3. I love the choir’s sound, it is very mature yet with a youthful twist. Behind the scenes the choir is very strong because they act as a family which can also be influenced by their sound. The choir overall has always been very superior and their hard work will pay off during the winter concert. As a choir member, i am proud to say i am apart of this family.

  4. I love the choir. I love music, period. I have great respect for anyone who can sing in front of a crowd. I also think that including the chior singing and the fact that they have a new teacher proves that it’s the members who make the choir, not the teacher. No offense to the new teacher or anything (:

  5. The choir is amazing, they are working magic with this youthful group. Ms. Luckett is leading this group in the right direction. Being in band, I can hear the choir practicing every single day, and their songs often raise my spirits with their beautiful notes. I am proud to be apart of the fine arts department.

  6. First off our Choir can be described in many words such as outstanding and talented. The article gets straight to the point. I like the way sound was incorporated into the subject of the article and the picture goes along also. I personally cannot wait for the winter school assembly. I always have a blast and enjoy watching my peers get over stage fright and sing.

  7. As soon as I saw Mozart, I rejoiced that the choir is keeping classical music alive, the best music of all time! Haha I am looking forward to hearing the performance this winter. I hope they have other old pieces too, maybe some from Bach. Good luck to the choir!

  8. I really like the sound clip that includes the singing and the work the choir has to do to get to sound that good. Our choir is very hardworking and it definitly pays off when they perform, and Ms. Luckett has done amazingly well with our choir, especially considering this is her first year at PGHS.

  9. I love this choir. They definately work hard and its filled with so many awesome people and talented.. i just love to hear them sing. its always fun and entertaining.

  10. Well, they sound great! The choir students must have worked hard and seem to have grown fond of the new choir teacher. It’s always nice to hear a litlle well-performed music.

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