1. I love how this truly shows Ben Halls character. He is someone that made school somewhat enjoyable for pretty much everyone. But it also showed how he can be taken seriously with what he does. He knows how to show pride, but realizes the importance of getting others involved too.

  2. I was actually there when someone interviewed him at a game and he’s quite the character. He would sometimes sit at my lunch table last year and tried to get everyone to come to the basketball games. This really shows how proud a student can be of their school.

  3. As a new student, it’s fun to see how other people show their school spirit and it’s easy to see that Ben loves PGHS. Being involved in school makes the whole high school experience more fun and creates the truly lasting memories you’ll take with you forever.

  4. Ben the Super Fan goes to show that people are prestigious about our school. Ben is an extraordinary friend, magnificent teammate, and great human being. When Ben showed pride, he made sure it was shown. I had lunch with him almost every year and not once did he forget to announce a game, match, or race. My lunch was always informed regardless. It’s sad to see our Super Fan graduated. I wonder who will be the Super Fan of 2011.

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